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Philosophy of Education

At the center of Protagonist School’s educational philosophy is the firm belief that all students can become successful learners and that there are no predetermined limits to what students can accomplish at any age. A strong cooperation exists between school and home in which continual communication has resulted in a successful school experience for the student.

Protagonist School sees the individual child with his or her unique abilities and gifts and encourages development in the following areas:

  • Academic Growth
    • The school follows the state curriculum while augmenting it with instruction in foreign languages and computer science (from the first grade).
    • Natural curiosity and a love for learning are nurtured in each child.
    • Teachers use current methods that promote “active” learning on the part of the student.
    • A high standard of learning is used to prepare students for future study.
  • Personal Growth
    • Each child is special and is treated with dignity and respect.
    • Individual abilities and interests are nurtured in a positive environment.
    • A motivating character program (from the U.S.) is used to encourage personal character development.
    • Students are taught to set goals and work toward them for personal advancement.
  • Social Growth (Interpersonal Skills)
    • Mutual respect and acceptance of others is emphasized and exemplified.
    • Students develop greater awareness of the world and other cultures.
    • Through outreach opportunities, students feel empowered to help others and make positive changes in the community.
    • Communication skills and conflict resolution are themes that are engaged within the character program the school uses