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Subject: Teacher Training—Cooperative Learning

It was an honor and privilege to have in our midst Mrs. Ann Bryant, a teacher of 25 years and well known and respected in her profession by both colleagues and students alike.  Mrs. Bryant is a certified trainer of teachers and has greatly benefitted our Protagonist teachers in the areas of current teaching methods and motivational speaking.

Mrs. Bryant visited Protagonist School on Saturday, September 29, for a half-day training with the staff of Protagonist school.  Her knowledge and experience and enthusiasm has delighted and motivated us to apply new methods to our teaching to result in greater student interest and higher test results.  The theme of the training was Cooperative Learning and is being applied successfully to schools in the West.

We are grateful for the investment of time and energy Mrs. Ann Bryant has offered our school, now for the second time.

We understand that to be the best we can possible be, our school must stay current and informed on teaching methodology and what best motivates students in the year 2012.  We are looking forward to applying the methods we learned to our classrooms.

Thank you, Mrs. Bryant, for your dedication to the field of education and your willingness to share you expertise with the Protagonist School.

With utmost sincerity,

Drejtoresha Maria Linderman

and the teaching staff of Protagonist School